Packrafting Nepal: Some Reflections

As you all know, I came to Nepal with big plans on the packrafting front.  My wonderful twins James and Emily have meant that I have done fewer trips than hoped, but I’ve still managed to clock up roughly one a month since getting here.  Mostly these have been day trips down to the Indrawati, … Continue reading

Packrafting Nepal: The Indrawati, Balephi Khola and Upper Sun Kosi

Another “what I did on my holiday” entry, I’m afraid. I went with on a four day pack rafting ‘proof of concept’ trip over Easter. Day 1: We took the bus to the edge of the Kathmandu valley then hiked with the boats and full camping gear on our backs to Sipaghat on the … Continue reading

Packrafting Nepal: The Lunch Hour Sessions

Check this out: I went to the two districts directly east of Kathmandu, Dolakha and Ramechap, the other week with work.  My trip was taking me past three of Nepal’s finest rivers: the upper stretch of the Sun Kosi at Khadichaur, pretty much the whole length of the Tama Kosi valley, and the Likhu Khola … Continue reading