James & Emily Are Two!

James and Emily are two!  Enjoy the video.

Europe in the Summer

Not every story on this blog happens in Kathmandu.  Up to now though, all of them have happened in Nepal.  But for all of August we were in Europe, taking the children on a round of visits to family and friends.  We also spent a week camping in Switzerland, but more on that in the next … Continue reading

James and Emily: A Few More Photos

At the risk of boring those not interested in pictures of my children, another entry with photos of Jimblebee and Emblebee (as we sometimes call them…).  I actually think there are some nicer photos here than last time.  I’ll keep going through all my old shots and will put up more if and when I … Continue reading

James and Emily: A Few Photos

One for the grandparents and those who have commented that their favourite posts on this blog are the ones with babies in them.  I have loads of pictures of James and Emily, going back the 14 months since they were born.  Some are good, some are bad, most are just mediocre.  I’ve taken a quick … Continue reading

Baby 1 & 2 Are 1

Not really a Kathmandu story this, as it could have happened anywhere.  But baby 1 and baby 2 have achieved the grand old age of one.  One whole year since wife and I took the tube to University College Hospital and these little guys came into the world.  Happy birthday!