Me, wife, baby 1 and baby 2 moved to Kathmandu in October 2012.  We’ll be here for three years.  This is our story.

5 Responses to “About”
  1. Noel Lavery (Belfast, UK) says:

    I just heard this morning the sad news of the fire which detroyed Pilgrims and when googling that I found your site. It’s been great to come across your site and pictures, cheered me up no end, particularly the pictures of your children on trek. Start them young!

  2. Loved yr work..

    We are a mother daughter duo who are looking at doing a bit of street photography in katmandu ..and are wondering if you could give us tips where to head to ..
    Also would you know anybody who could organise a tour if give us some guided lessons ..arriving in into katmandu on Tuesday. Thanks

    • hi – been busy at work, just got to this comment, for which many thanks! Kathmandu, as you will now have seen, is a hectic mix of old and (let’s be honest: scruffy) new. My next target for photos are the malls – civil mall, kathmandu mall etc, these are really interesting places to see a different Kathmandu to the old backstreets and temples. The fancy places on Durbar Marg often also play host to Buddhist monks, which makes for a nice contrast. There are also some very interesting graffitis around town. If you had the patience to wait long enough, someone with the right clothes or carrying the right thing or wearing the right colours would walk in front and give you something pretty interesting to shoot. Where did you end up?

  3. hello peter,
    i have been trying to get into street photography and spread it here. i have my own blog as well dedicated to streets of kathmandu,i would love to work with you. thank you,we should know each other
    here’s my mail id:khambu53@gmail.com

  4. Ulrika Sörensen says:

    Hi Peter,
    I love one of your image and would like to buy it for a commercial campaign. Can you please contact med as soon as possible on my e-mail: ulrika.sorensen@ddb.se

    Please contact me if you are interested in selling this image for a campaign for 1 year in the Nordic region.

    Best regards
    Ulrika Sörensen

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