Well, what can I say.  An earthquake got in the way. But that is a lame excuse, as the photos in this entry were taken in Australia in January.  We had a wonderful time with Frank and Tania, learning a lot about parenting alongside reconnecting with good friends.  Our trip took us, in some ways by fruitful mistake, to Noosa; a place I can only recommend.  The beach photos are in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, and the street stuff is good old Melbourne.  Waffee on the train, beer and BBQ, fun times at the playground and the beach and long conversations about our lives and the future.  A trip worth repeating. It feels a bit strange to blog on Kathmandustories about Australia after what has happened here, but this is the order it should be.  I will write soon with reflections on the earthquake.  I suppose that should be quite detailed and real, so it may not be until next week.  In the meantime, here is a slice of Australia. _DSC0354 _DSC0366 _DSC0389 _DSC0400 _DSC6665 _DSC6668 _DSC6860 _DSC6904 _DSC6940 _DSC7036 _DSC7039 _DSC7060

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