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I think I mentioned in a previous blog how last spring (May I think it was actually) I went with Ed up to the Balephi Khola.  That was an amazing trip and I always wanted to do it again.  I did it again at the weekend, with Jeremie Lamart (of France, via Sweden, paddling a modified packraft that used to belong to Mike Kuriak) and Ben (from Australia).



Boy was this a great trip.  Peter Knowles in his book White Water Nepal quotes a disgruntled paddler telling him that the Balephi is too good a river for a guidebook.  I have to agree.  But the notion that putting it in the book has somehow led to it being swamped with paddlers is nonsense.  I’ve been up to this river three times now, and it has always been empty.  Bliss.



Our route was simple.  Take a car to Balephi, where the small and rocky Balephi Khola meets the rather bigger upper Sun Kosi river.  Then walk up a path and scramble down to the river bank.  Proceed along the boulders, hopping from rock to rock, occasionally climbing, once or twice wading through the river.  Camp overnight under the full moon on a beach, with terraced fields behind you and the river in front.  Light a fire and chat till late.



Get up, pack, and hike a bit further upstream.  Put in. Raft down.


Anyone else want to do this?

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  1. Reblogged this on injuring △ eternity and commented:
    Here’s a Post from Peter fron
    We went on a trip together in March 2015 in Nepal. More to come.

  2. Ed Horncastle says:

    Great video Pete.
    Glad you got to do it again. Such a fun trip and river. Did you attempt the rapid I swam down?
    Hope you and the family are well
    Love to all

    • danielmencak says:

      Ed, you seem to know Peter personally. I’m trying to reach him urgently to buy an image from this very blog. Have you got any idea on how to reach him? Or if you can reach out to him and let him know. It’s urgent! Thank you. Daniel

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