James & Emily Are Two!

James and Emily are two!  Enjoy the video.

Square Monkeys

The journey there takes you along a busy road, past the concrete ugliness of the modern (or is it?) city.  From the ring road you take a smaller thoroughfare, up hill.  You notice nothing of note.  You pass a white guy with dreadlocks, walking to a destination most people, if they could afford it, would … Continue reading

Europe in the Summer

Not every story on this blog happens in Kathmandu.  Up to now though, all of them have happened in Nepal.  But for all of August we were in Europe, taking the children on a round of visits to family and friends.  We also spent a week camping in Switzerland, but more on that in the next … Continue reading


I was on my own with the children last weekend, having decided that the trip my wife was going on was not really something they would be able to enjoy.  I was pretty sure that even if Emily loved the idea of an elephant, the reality might bring her to tears.  And the reality for … Continue reading