Rain Emily Reggae

Another entry perhaps indecently hot on the heels of the last, but I thought Bine might like to see some photos of Emily and stay abreast of what we’re up to.  An uneventful weekend. Yesterday’s highlight: playing in the rain.  Today’s: a reggae gig south of the river at Moksh in Patan.  No energy today … Continue reading

Friday Afternoon, Bye Bye Pilgrims

Friday afternoon is nominally free for me.  If I don’t have pesky work to do I take it.  Today I took it.  I got home late last night and really wanted to go somewhere with Emily today to make up.  We went for a walk and my buddy Dinesh came along.  One of the things … Continue reading

A Trip to Boudha

Last Saturday I went for an hour or so to one of Kathmandu’s premier tourist traps.  The great stupa at Boudha, known to the Tibetans as Chorten Chempo. I say tourist trap, but what I really mean is essential stop on any visitor’s itinerary in Nepal.  It is a remarkable place full of contradictions.  It … Continue reading

Election Fever

I am sure that readers of Kathmandustories will already be well aware that elections have been called in Nepal.  Many are no doubt already organising sweepstakes, planning election night parties, and generally getting into the swing of things.  Of course planning an election properly requires that you know when the election will actually happen.  If … Continue reading

Prithvi’s Path Backwards

the blog entry first, then the photos… It is 1769.  King of Gorkha, Prithvi Narayan Shah, is standing atop Chandragiri – “moon hill” – surveying the prize that has eluded him for over a decade.  The Kathmandu valley, ruled by the Malla kings who two years previously had repulsed his attempt to take the valley … Continue reading