James and Emily: A Few Photos

One for the grandparents and those who have commented that their favourite posts on this blog are the ones with babies in them.  I have loads of pictures of James and Emily, going back the 14 months since they were born.  Some are good, some are bad, most are just mediocre.  I’ve taken a quick look through the last few months worth of pictures and semi-randomly chosen a handful of photos.  Hope you like them!  Remember to click the picture for full resolution.

James and Emily playing in the garden.

babies plants house 3

babies plants house

Emily tries to climb everything.  Here she is standing on her green bath tub.

emily on green tub

The pole in Emily’s mouth is our fruit picker, which sees regular action in the avocado tree.  We’re looking forward to the guava, mango and peaches, all of which are in bloom.

emily pole in mouth

Self-explanatory this one.  Taken in the lounge, James has the TV remote.

james and emily in the lounge

Emily drinking from her big orange water bottle.

james and emily orange bottle

James demonstrating that he is a quick learner.  Don’t know who he learned this from though.

james finger in nose

This is James the other week at Kaiser’s restaurant in the Garden of Dreams.

james garden of dreams

Love this hat.

james yellow hat

One Response to “James and Emily: A Few Photos”
  1. Peter Kersten says:

    Hi Bine & Pete!

    Wirklich schöne Bilder mit süßen kleinen Kindern in hübschen Outfits. Emily ist ein kleiner Sonnenschein und James zeigt besonders viele Facetten seiner Mimik.


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