Packrafting Nepal: The Lunch Hour Sessions

Check this out: I went to the two districts directly east of Kathmandu, Dolakha and Ramechap, the other week with work.  My trip was taking me past three of Nepal’s finest rivers: the upper stretch of the Sun Kosi at Khadichaur, pretty much the whole length of the Tama Kosi valley, and the Likhu Khola … Continue reading

Kathmandu Walkabout

It’s been a while in the making this.  Wife and I took the babies on a walk around Kathmandu in our second week here, which was during Nepal’s major festival Dasain last October.  I’ve had this video ready since then, but only today found time to choose the right soundtrack.  The song is Narayan Gopal‘s … Continue reading

So So Sewing

The man of the family has left home to explore the east of the country so I will sneak into this blog today. Many of my friends not only own sewing machines but also had very nice things to show off that they had produced themselves saying that it is not all that difficult to … Continue reading

New Adventures In Food Part 1: Salami

Some things are hard to come by in Kathmandu.  Things we take for granted back home.  You may think I’m talking about electricity – most households here have to put up with “load shedding”, the euphemism for scheduled power cuts, for up to 18 hours a day.  Or perhaps clean water.  But for me these … Continue reading