Baby 1 & 2 Are 1

Not really a Kathmandu story this, as it could have happened anywhere.  But baby 1 and baby 2 have achieved the grand old age of one.  One whole year since wife and I took the tube to University College Hospital and these little guys came into the world.  Happy birthday!

Monkey Business

Monkeys. To be more precise, Rhesus Macaques.  The jury is out on these guys.  They drop in on the garden almost daily, popping over from the modest jungle next door to graze on our neighbour’s veg patch and chow down on all the guavas before they ripen or we have a chance to pick them. … Continue reading

Pokhara, the week before Christmas

The week before Christmas we flew the thirty minute hop to Pokhara, Nepal’s second city and gateway to the Annapurna region and all its trekking glory.  On the recommendation of a friend we stayed at Tiger Mountain, a 30 minute drive up into the hills to the east of the city.  Although I hear lakeside … Continue reading

Shivapuri Mountain Biking

I’ve now ridden up to Shivapuri national park to hit the mountain bike trails twice.  Once on my own, and last weekend I went up with a friend and coincidentally bumped into another friend at the congested junction of Lazimpat and the Ring Road.  I only have photos of my solo trip from last November. … Continue reading

Alvin, Simon, Theodore…

Siberian Chipmunks getting cosy on the palm tree outside our house. Must be a slow news day.

Trekking With Twins

After our truncated trip to the beautiful Trisuli river valley, we decided to try our hand at trekking with the twins.  The plan was simple: hike the six day Helambu Circuit.  In the end, the hike defeated us on day four, or rather, we were running out of baby formula and nappies.  We have Macpac … Continue reading

Packrafting Nepal: An Afternoon on the Trisuli

Before I came to Nepal, those who know me will know that I became moderately obsessed with the idea of packrafting out here.  I shelled out for two Alpacka Rafts – both in nifty colour schemes.  Pictured is my rasta raft. As a trial run, the family and I took a short trip to the … Continue reading