• excerpts from four lives in nepal

Kathmandu Durbar Square

A while back, when James and Emily were still here, I took some photos of the square.  I have taken quite a few in the last two and a half years – we used it as the backdrop for a play we put on, we visited it in our first week here (the Kathmandu Walkabout … Continue reading


Well, what can I say.  An earthquake got in the way. But that is a lame excuse, as the photos in this entry were taken in Australia in January.  We had a wonderful time with Frank and Tania, learning a lot about parenting alongside reconnecting with good friends.  Our trip took us, in some ways … Continue reading


Check out this video: I think I mentioned in a previous blog how last spring (May I think it was actually) I went with Ed up to the Balephi Khola.  That was an amazing trip and I always wanted to do it again.  I did it again at the weekend, with Jeremie Lamart (of France, … Continue reading

Hamro Nepal: Kirtipur

Kirtipur, a town straddling a low ridge to the south of the main conurbation of Kathmandu, has lodged itself in my mental map of the valley for three reasons.  Firstly, the legend: the town held out for so long and so doggedly against the onslaught of the conquering King Prithvi Narayan Shah that once he … Continue reading

Langtang Redux

Last year, me, Bine, James and Emily trekked up the Langtang Valley in late October.  The tail end of a tropical cyclone swept over the region as we climbed, drenching us to the bone and swelling the brooks into not-so-babbling torrents.  Times it was cold, times it was wet, times just miserable, but the views cleared … Continue reading

This is Not Kagbeni

The major festival in Nepal is called “Dashain”.  I won’t try to explain the religious significance of it, because I am simply not qualified to do so.  These pictures are of a Dashain greeting card James and Emily ‘made’ at kindergarden. What I can tell you about Dashain is that this is very much the … Continue reading

James & Emily Go To School

Well, they have been going for a while actually, but we are starting them now on five mornings a week.  And they have new backpacks for the task, generously gifted by the Gran and Grandpa in Britain.  James gets a dinosaur (or dragon?) and Emily gets a Emblebee (or bee?).  They love them.  Inside is … Continue reading

Packrafting Nepal: Some Reflections

As you all know, I came to Nepal with big plans on the packrafting front.  My wonderful twins James and Emily have meant that I have done fewer trips than hoped, but I’ve still managed to clock up roughly one a month since getting here.  Mostly these have been day trips down to the Indrawati, … Continue reading